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Like many good tales, it started with a dream. My dream was to sail away to distant shores and explore local cultures through their food. I learned a great deal about a place by foraging the markets and roadside stands and by striking up conversations with the locals even when I didn’t speak the language.
My husband and I have been chartering sailboats for the last ten years exploring the world and learning about each culture through its native cuisine. We’ve sailed out of the San Juan Islands, California, Belize, France, the British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean ports and during those sailing adventures I learned how to cook in very tight spaces with few tools.
Now that I’m shore-bound for a while, I have noticed in myself a joyous freedom in being able to cook and eat very well with minimal tools and space. I transformed my cooking from using every kitchen gizmo and gadget known to woman, to producing a grand meal with a few essential tools and cookware.
My fascination with eating well began in the mecca of great-tasting food–New Orleans. While going to college there, I had the pleasure of working in one of the first cooking schools in that great food city. From there food grew into one of my passions. I believe going out to find local delicacies, creating a delicious meal and then sharing it with friends and family is an act of love.
Planning meals for a week or three for 2 to 8 people is a challenge. Packing it in and finding it afterwards is another hurdle. Having little to throw away at the end is a goal. Does this sound like living in a big-city loft, a small house, or an RV? After working long hours would you like to pick up everything for a week at once and not have a refrigerator full of things you have to throw away?

This blog is for you!

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