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Fried Lobster Tail with Champagne Gravy at the State Fair of Texas


If it is not fried, you won’t find it at the State Fair of Texas!

Move over monster turkey legs. This year’s hit is:  Fried Lobster Tail with lemon-butter Champagne Gravy. It is a little over the top but it sure is good. Save your coupons because it is expensive ($30).

This is the 11th year for the fried food contest at the State Fair of Texas.  I try to taste all the new comers every year.  Last year’s fried cuban sandwich was great as was the fried s’mores. Note if you try it: fried s’mores should not be eaten with people watching you.  Some odd ball entries in the past include fried butter, fried Pop-Tarts, fried beer, fried salad on a stick and fried Thanksgiving dinner on a stick.

It is always fun at the fair!






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