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CocoAndre Chocolate

The best tasting boot you'll ever stick in your mouth

The best tasting boot you’ll ever stick in your mouth!

I once bought a card that said “No matter what the problem is, the answer is chocolate!” I’m always on the hunt for really good chocolate.

Preparing to make Christmas cookies and chocolates, I thought I would go and see how the talented Coco Pedraza, owner and head chocolatier of a boutique chocolate company CocoAndre Chocolatier in the Bishop’s Arts District in Dallas, makes her confections.  Made with 100% cocoa-butter-based raw chocolate, you’ll find her marvelous molded chocolates, Old World truffles, chocolate cakes and specialty drinks over-the-top wonderful. You could describe her chocolate with the words you would use for a fine wine – dark, rich flavors with a slight bitterness at the back of your tongue, with notes of raspberry, ginger, pear or vanilla.  How does a dark, spicy Oaxacan chocolate drink sound?

Choc Star 20151209-_MG_3332.CR2

Dark and white chocolate snow flake

CocoAndre Chocolatier also has a Facebook page:

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